Amid the severe shortage of resources and fuel, the GH-800 amphibious tank is virtually the one and only of heavies still in use. All attempts to build more heavily armored ship failed, because such ships required to expend considerable supplies for building and high amount of oil for their maintenance.

GH-800 (also called a Hammerhead) has proved itself to be a perfect balance of moderate running expenses and impressive firepower. Twin-barrel guns of large caliber blast through any armor. However, in battle it was mostly effective against slow or non-moving targets. To compensate for that, Hammerhead firearms were upgraded to include an additional machine gun. It makes the ship all geared up to take attacks of aircrafts or Piranhas. Nonetheless, Hammerhead still remains a sitting duck for enemy aviation.


Basic information
Health: 50 HP
Velocity: 17 knots
Build Time: 35 seconds
Crew size: 4
Limit per Platform: 4
Cost: ---
Combat characteristics
12mm heavy machine gun
twin-barrel cannon
Target: All Land
Range: 100 meters 100 meters
Accuracy: 100.0% 100.0%
Damage: 2 HP 7 HP
Clip size: 3 rounds 2 rounds
Rate of fire: 40 per minute 60 per minute
Reload time: 3 seconds 1.5 seconds
Quantity: 1 1
  • Amphibious tank is a heavyweight units that is superbly effective against all sea units.
  • Exposed to attacks of enemy aviation.
Strong Against:

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