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Review: Oil Rush [8.0 out of 10]

"Once you get into the mode of play that Oil Rush expects from you, it's one of the freshest takes on the strategy genre in a while."

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Обзор Oil Rush [8 out of 10]

"Томские разработчики соединили уже проверенные элементы игрового процесса, тщательно отточили баланс и обернули все это в симпатичный графический фантик. Результатом стала на редкость удачная стратегия непрямого контроля, с упором на сетевые сражения, характерная невероятной для жанра динамикой и темпом происходящего."

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Oil Rush - Onda d'urto [7.8 out of 10]

"Oil Rush è un RTS solido, bello da vedere, con un buon numero di missioni e un ottimo grado di sfida."

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Violent Gamer

Oil Rush PC Review [4.5 out of 5]

"I've been playing Oil Rush for a little more than week now and it's been doing a great job of making me feel like I'm playing a new version of an old school RTS, complete with cheesy dialogue, exciting visuals, challenging gameplay, vast tech trees and massive armies. This game has plenty to offer seasoned RTS gamers, but it does not exclude less experienced gamers."

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Oil Rush im Test: Schiffeversenken in Echtzeit [77 out of 100]

"Ich hatte viel Spaß mit Oil Rush, obwohl ich anfangs skeptisch war. Dass ich meine Schiffchen nicht hinschicken kann wo ich will, fand ich anfangs doof. Und entscheiden, welche Einheiten ich wann baue, darf ich auch nicht - so geht doch viel taktische Tiefe verloren! Nach und nach habe ich dann aber gemerkt, wie ausgeklügelt das Konzept eigentlich ist. Größere Schlachten haben so fast schon etwas von einem Schachspiel. Schade nur, dass es so wenige Einheiten- und Turmtypen gibt. Da hätte mich ein bisschen mehr Variation schon gefreut. Trotzdem: Oil Rush ein echter Geheimtipp für Genre-Fans."

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La fiebre del oro negro [8 out of 10]

"Oil Rush es un notable juego de estrategia con toques de Tower Defense que combina lo mejor de los dos mundos, ofreciendo actividad y toma constante de decisiones pero sin apenas la microgestión. Una pequeña joya."

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Absolute Games

Рецензия на Oil Rush [68 out of 100]

"Oil Rush отлично себя чувствует в окружении сородичей. Здесь нет запутанного микроменеджмента, десятков юнитов и прочих разносолов. Это простая в освоении, в меру оригинальная и увлекательная игра. Неплохой подарок для тех, кто устал от «серьезных стратегий»."

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3D Juegos

Análisis: "Oil Rush" [8.0 out of 10]

"El que estemos ante un título tan intenso y frenético sin que pierda por el camino su componente estratégico nos demuestra que incluso en este género tan trillado, todavía hay espacio para disfrutar de nuevas experiencias de juego. Y eso es algo que suple con creces su falta de profundidad o la poca variedad de unidades de combate que presenta. En definitiva, un juego muy notable al que se debería dar, al menos, una oportunidad."

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Разработчики нефти

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Water, Water Everywhere, so Let’s Go Fight a War

"If you've ever wanted to play a video game based on Kevin Costner's Waterworld, only without Kevin Costner being anywhere near it, you should check out upcoming strategy title Oil Rush."

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Digital Trends

Oil Rush game trailer: It’s like Waterworld meets Battleship

"The game appears to be equal parts Waterworld and Command & Conquer, with a nice helping of Battleship and tower defense thrown into the mix for good measure."

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Oil Rush trailer shows off RTS-tower defense

"You may ask, "If oil is so scarce, why are they apparently fighting in fuel-guzzling mechanical vehicles?" Because the only way to get oil is to spend oil. That's Economics 101, stupid."

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Black Gold: Oil Rush Is Surprising

"...this is an exceptionally pretty strategy game."

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Боевой Народ

Oil Rush — интервью с продюсером

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Обзор предрелизной версии Oil Rush

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Oil Rush Preview

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OMG! Ubuntu

Our hands on preview of Unigine’s upcoming Oil Rush

"The graphics are, as you would expect, quite literally amazing."

"The Oil Rush version of Tower Defense was quite fun and rather challenging."

"It doesn’t try to be a traditional RTS like so many others, and with a unique water-based concept, unlocks a variety of opportunities for inventive and original units, technologies and missions."

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Fantasy Portal

Интервью с разработчиком постапокалиптической RTS "Oil Rush" (Нефтяная лихорадка)

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BIG Download

Interview: Unigine co-founder chats about OilRush

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Нефтяные войны на Unigine

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Ars Technica

Drilling for controversy: indie games tackle offshore oil drilling

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Анонс "Oil Rush"

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Graphically Slick: OilRush

"There’s a nifty trailer out for it, which I’ve posted below, which demonstrates Unigine’s ability to have quite a lot of aircraft blowing each other up at the same time. It’s planned for a release later this year, and is possibly worth keeping an eye on. (And yes. Oops on the timing.)"

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Tom's Hardware

OilRush Coming to PC, Linux, Looks Stunning

"The game is a visually impressive naval strategy-tower defense hybrid using the company's proprietary engine."

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Naval RTS-Tower Defense Hybrid 'OilRush' Announced

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Unigine Announces Its OilRush Game For Linux

"OilRush sounds like it will be a very interesting game and from the screenshots and teaser video enclosed in this article, it will be another visually rich creation from Unigine Corp that may even step up the notch compared to Unigine Heaven."

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