Construction of submarines was resumed shortly after the catastrophe happened. Small underwater vehicles were vitally needed to tow out the sunken supplies and resources left in the submerged cities.

When the war was waged, engineers reviewed a few remaining blueprints and got to work on new military submarines. The first version UB-1 Barracuda was not a complete success. The cost of its production and maintenance was high; however, strategic advantage gained when the submarine came close to the enemy completely unnoticed was enormous and justified all expenses. Further construction of submarines was abandoned as oil run extremely short.

Though the number of built submarines was limited, some of Barracudas are still in service. In the battle they suddenly burst forth from the water, annihilate enemy ships and change the tide of the fight to the victory.


Basic information
Health: 100 HP
Velocity: 18 knots
Build Time: 20 seconds
Crew size: 15
Limit per Platform: 12
Cost: ---
Combat characteristics
machine gun
Target: Land All
Range: 100 meters 100 meters
Accuracy: 100.0% 100.0%
Damage: 8 HP 3 HP
Clip size: 1 rounds 4 rounds
Rate of fire: 120 per minute 46.2 per minute
Reload time: 1.5 seconds 2 seconds
Quantity: 1 2
  • The most powerful sea unit that is deadly dangerous for all sea units.
  • Can be called to defend or attack any platform.

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