HB-540 Piranha is a water scooter that is small, nimble and does not require much of the precious fuel to run. Due to its speed and excellent maneuverability, the Piranha is the most common vehicle, which is in active service with newly formed countries.

Though it completely lacks any armor protection, a group of Piranhas can be a serious threat to small squadrons. Operating in big numbers, they can effectively fight against stronger opponents. Where heavy armored yet slow ships are destroyed by massed artillery fire, speedy Piranhas get close to the enemy and swiftly attack his forces before the opponent can even strike back.


Basic information
Health: 10 HP
Velocity: 28 knots
Build Time: 10 seconds
Crew size: 1
Limit per Platform: 12
Cost: ---
Combat characteristics
submachine gun
Target: All
Range: 80 meters
Accuracy: 100.0%
Damage: 2 HP
Clip size: 3 rounds
Rate of fire: 48 per minute
Reload time: 2.5 seconds
Quantity: 1
  • The smallest, the fastest and the most lightweight unit.
  • Effective only in large numbers.
  • Good at scouting and hit-and-run attacks on poorly protected platforms.
Weak Against:

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