Oil Rush becomes free [2022.01.21]
To honor the 10th Anniversary of the Oil Rush, we have made a decision to make it completely free.
Oil Rush is released for iOS [2013.10.31]
Get ready for hot naval and air battles - right on the go. Oil Rush is available for iOS now in addition to the previous release for Android. Read more in the official press-release.
Pay What You Want for Oil Rush in the Humble Indie Bundle 8 [2013.06.05]
As of today, Oil Rush, the epic naval strategy game, comes together with the Humble Indie Bundle 8. It is a unique, pay-what-you-want offer available for less than seven days!
Oil Rush is available on Steam for Linux as from now! [2013.04.12]

The game supports Linux (as a standalone application) from the very beginning, so we are really happy that finally Linux users can enjoy hot naval battles with the whole Steam community.

Oil Rush is released for Android, available exclusively on Snapdragon S4 devices [2013.03.18]
Epic fights to the last drop of oil, a full-fledged campaign, the ultimate 3D graphics on mobile devices – Oil Rush for Android is released! Challenge your strategic skills, dare to survive in this water world! (Available in Google Play as of now only for devices with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chip.) Read more in the official press-release
Oil Rush is announced for Android [2013.01.22]
Hot naval and air battles are coming to your Android devices this February with Oil Rush for mobile! It will run on devices sporting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chip and will hit the Google Play store. Read more in the official press-release.
Tower Defense Map Pack [2012.06.01]
The first Oil Rush DLC is released! "Tower Defense Map Pack" features a completely new tower defense game experience, including a tower defense co-op mode. The DLC is available now on Steam and in the UNIGINE online store for $4.99. Read more in the official press-release.
Oil Rush in retail [2012.02.27]
Oil Rush is now available in retail stores in the UK, Ireland and Benelux. The full German localization for the game is currently being completed, with the game slated for release there on March 23rd 2012. Read more in the official press-release.
Oil Rush is released! [2012.01.25]
Oil Rush release version for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is available worldwide!
Oil Rush is a top 10 app in Ubuntu Software Center [2011.12.08]
Oil Rush pre-order beta is one of the top 10 apps downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Centre in November. See the full list.
Retail version via Iceberg Interactive [2011.12.05]
Iceberg Interactive will publish retail version of Oil Rush in UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Australia/New Zealand, South Africa and Benelux on February 24th 2012. More details is in the official press-release.
Oil Rush release date [2011.11.22]
The global war for oil begins on January 25, 2012. Show all your strategic talent to keep your platforms defended on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and join up the Oil Rush battle! Read more in the official press-release.
The Oil Show [2011.11.13]
Oil Rush game is exhibited at "The Oil Show" in Dortmund, Germany, along with other works of art related to oil. Exhibition is open from 12 November 2011 to 19 February 2012.
Multi-player gameplay video [2011.11.11]
Watch new multi-player video! It is a pretty quick LAN battle (1 vs 1) of developers on the "Sabotage" map. By the way, check out updated screenshots gallery as well.
Full OST as a pre-order bonus [2011.10.29]
We are very grateful to pre-order users for the support so here is a bonus: full Oil Rush soundtrack by Paralyzah is now available in high quality for them (it will be sold separately after the release).
Oil Rush on Desura [2011.09.23]
Oil Rush is now available on Desura (a digital distribution platform for games). If you have already pre-ordered the game in Unigine online store, you can redeem your key here.
Oil Rush hits Ubuntu Software Center [2011.08.29]
Oil Rush is now available for pre-order on Ubuntu Software Center, a built-in application store in Ubuntu Linux. Read more in the official press-release.
Screenshots of a flooded city [2011.08.23]
See more screenshots from new locations (flooded city, chemical plant) in the gallery.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun on Oil Rush [2011.07.28]
Read a new article about Oil Rush on Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Black Gold: Oil Rush Is Surprising.
New gameplay video [2011.07.27]
Watch a new gameplay video! It is a walkthrough of "Find Submarine" mission from the single player campaign.
Even rushing takes time: delayed release [2011.06.27]
The release is pushed back to autumn 2011. We hope your expectations and patience will be rewarded with more impressive game.
Meet the Commander [2011.06.10]
A new trailer reveals the Commander's reminiscences about how the world ended and the desperate oil rush has begun. Real in-game footage inside!
Mac OS X version [2011.04.29]
Oil Rush is now available for Mac OS X! Pre-order users can download the development build from Unigine Online Store.
Updated website [2011.04.05]
We have launched updated website! Main changes are: new stylish design, units info with detailed description of their parameters and updated screenshots gallery. Some changes are still in progress, there will be more content soon.
Pre-order build review in Russian [2011.03.10]

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