Gameplay video: multi-player battle on the "Dragon's Heart" map

Gameplay video: multi-player battle on the "Sabotage" map

Gameplay video: "Find submarine" mission

A walkthrough video of a mission from the single player campaign.

Find and destroy a stealthy submarine that hides in the flooded jungles of Vietnam. Cutting the air with propeller blades helicopters hover high above the swirling waters and desperately seek for any sign of the enemy... Gather all your forces, the battle will be hot!

Trailer: The Commander's reminiscences

A new trailer reveals the Commander's reminiscences about how the world ended and the desperate oil rush has begun. Real in-game footage inside!

The first teaser

Oil Rush catches the eye with huge battles, massive explosions and burning wrecks in swirling waters as the sky is streaked with fiery traces of dashing missiles. Ultimately devastating nukes look even more spectacular bringing death to the rest of humanity.

The original teaser (September 2010).

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