Angler Boat

Initially, HX-305-M Angler is a patrol boat equipped with a machine gun. However, in war times it was intended to be used for tearing down defensive towers around platforms. After some consideration, engineers decided to sacrifice maneuverability for better firepower and mounted a STR-2 mortar on Angler. As the result, it became invaluable when besieging fortified platforms.

To start firing a mortar, the Angler needs to drop its speed up to a full stop. At this moment it becomes an easy target for enemy artillery.


Basic information
Health: 30 HP
Velocity: 20 knots
Build Time: 20 seconds
Crew size: 2
Limit per Platform: 6
Cost: ---
Combat characteristics
machine gun
Target: All Towers
Range: 100 meters 120 meters
Accuracy: 100.0% 100.0%
Damage: 2.5 HP 8 HP
Clip size: 3 rounds 1 rounds
Rate of fire: 35.3 per minute 12 per minute
Reload time: 2.7 seconds 5 seconds
Quantity: 1 1
  • Angler's primary objective is to destroy defensive towers with its mortar.
  • Its powerful machine gun makes it very effective against enemy aviation.

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