The world catastrophe has not lessened the yearning desire of men to conquer the skies. The Seagull-2M is an inexpensive and easy-to-operate seaplane that is the number one choice for delivering express mail, food, supplies and ammunition to distant squadrons and colonies.

After being retrofitted with a small twin-barrel machine gun, it has become a fairly effective combat unit. The absence of armor was fully compensated for by high mobility, proved reliability and low mass, considering that at the time of its deployment the enemy had no anti-aircraft artillery. However, even the creation of air defence system did not diminish the tactical significance of Seagulls. They remain essential for reconnaissance and are often used to conduct quick, destructive raids on unprotected enemy platforms.


Basic information
Health: 20 HP
Velocity: 45 knots
Build Time: 15 seconds
Crew size: 1
Limit per Platform: 6
Cost: ---
Combat characteristics
twin-barrel machine gun
Target: All
Range: 90 meters
Accuracy: 100.0%
Damage: 8 HP
Clip size: 1 rounds
Rate of fire: 8.6 per minute
Reload time: 7 seconds
Quantity: 1
  • Light aircraft is for scouting and conducting lightning-fast raids.
  • Freely passes over obstacles.

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