At the height of the war for the last remaining resources, the project Stingray was launched to gain decisive technological advantage. This military helicopter was designed to overpower enemy naval forces. Sting air-to-surface missiles are able to make a breach in the enemy's defence, no matter how strong it is. Heavy armor of Stingray allows to press an attack even when encountered by anti-aircraft artillery.

Stingrays are good in every aspect, except for amount of resources required to build and maintain them. Due to this reason, they are gradually phased out of service and rarely take part in combats.


Basic information
Health: 30 HP
Velocity: 32 knots
Build Time: 30 seconds
Crew size: 2
Limit per Platform: 4
Cost: ---
Combat characteristics
anti-ship missile
machine gun
Target: Land All
Range: 90 meters 110 meters
Accuracy: 100.0% 100.0%
Damage: 8 HP 1.5 HP
Clip size: 6 rounds 2 rounds
Rate of fire: 20 per minute 200 per minute
Reload time: 8 seconds 6 seconds
Quantity: 1 1
  • Extremely effective against all sea units.
  • Neutralized by other aircrafts fairly easily.
  • Freely passes over obstacles.

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