Even rushing takes time: delayed release [2011.06.27]

We have a strong track of records in technology field, but Oil Rush is a debut game for our studio and going through each and every stage of game development is brand new experience for our team.

We don't want this title to be yet another tech demo of our engine (we can easily do it, you know that). We have a deeper objective: we want to create an old-school game with deep storyline and really fun gameplay. Oil control conflicts are already a topic for heated discussion, but we want you to experience fuel apocalypse from the first row.

What's happening?

The game already fleshed out, all variations of core gameplay are in place, but we still need to work more on characters, balance, sound, localization, etc. However, according to the feedback of pre-order users that have access to the current multi-player build of the game, Oil Rush performs very well on a wide spectrum of hardware and it delivers a lot of fun!


The release is planned for autumn 2011. We can't state the exact date right now because it also depends on our distibution partners: we are working on placing the game into the most popular digital distribution channels to make the delivery comfortable for you.


We know that it is not the first delay of Oil Rush, but we are putting extra efforts to deliver a polished, well-made game instead of a rushed-out-the-door title. Each day it becomes better as we invest more time, money and striving in the project.

We hope your expectations and patience will be rewarded with more impressive game.

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